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Project | 01

Barda del Desierto Artistic Residence

BDD is an artistic residency that has been held every January since 2014, in the primary school of a small town in northern Patagonia, Argentina. With a large schedule of activities open to the public, this experience enriches both the participating artists in terms of their creative possibilities, as well as the contact with the community where it takes place, contributing to the meeting and exchange with local artists.

Its main objectives are:

  • Produce events related to education, training, promotion and dissemination of contemporary art.

  • Disseminate and motivate contemporary artistic practice in the region.

  • Give added value to the area through cultural production.

  • Encourage decentralization of culture in large urban centers.

  • Promote exchange between the inhabitants of the region and national and foreign artists, researchers, theorists and curators.

  • Create an artistic pole out of the conventional places.

  • Create site-specific works linked to the context, history and geography of the place.

Project | 02

Wandering Island | Micro-residence-workshop

3-day micro-residence on an island in the lower Paraná delta, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. Situated in this context as a simulacrum of a non-reticulated and untamed space, marked by the time of a wandering river that changes direction. To abstract from everyday noise and promote exchange for collective creation were part of this experience.

In this experimental open-air laboratory, the different problems that afflict today's society in the global and local context were addressed over the course of three days. The juxtaposition of the economic, political and environmental crisis. Emphasizing the environment, we enter the environment of the Paraná delta, to learn about its characteristics and peculiarities.

Project | 03

SACH | Open Studies
December 8 and 9, 2018

CHACARITA was enlarged!
The artists who have our workshops in Chacarita and neighboring neighborhoods, we organize to open our work spaces to the public for a weekend. A joint communication plan was prepared that includes a map indicating the circuit through the workshops, dissemination on social networks and specialized media. Each space also proposed specific activities.


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